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Road Trip Of A Lifetime

This summer, my focus will be on traveling, cars, and writing about my summer adventures in my blog. This summer, for the first time ever, I will be joining my two best friends and we will start in Mexico.

The Road Trip Of All Road Trips!

As I stated, I will be driving to San Diego, to this heavenly spot called “La Jolla”, which literally translates to “The Jewel”. From there on, we will pick up a friend who lives Tijuana and spend a week there, sight-seeing since he is a local there. We will be pooling together our savings so we can buy cheap groceries when/if we camp, stay at hotels and motels (mix and match as needed), pitch in for gas and insurance money, and what have you.

The next thing we will do, after a week in Tijuana, we will head back up to La Jolla and spend another week there, exploring all the fun things and hikes to do in San Diego. I want to visit Torrey Pines Reserve, Cowles Mountain, Three Sister’s hike and that’s after all the local bars I hit up!

From there, we will arrive in LA. We will go here rent a Lamborghini in LA or OC. This is the part of the trip that we are still debating about but I’m confident that experiences like these are once in a lifetime. So what if it’s a bit more on the expensive side?!

When again will we ever get such an opportunity? When again will we ever be this young and without responsibilities again?

Ideally, I’d like to drive a sweet Lamborghini up to Big Sur, at least. Perhaps we will rent it for the day and ride it locally. Just one of the many things we will do!

We will also spend a weekend in Big Bear before hitting up LA. I’ve never snowboarded so I am looking forward to doing this. My friends have snowboarded before and they have agreed to give me lessons.

Other locations on the list are: Palm Springs, Big Bear, Monterey, Morro Bay, San Francisco, and possibly Seattle. This all depends on how our budget goes, how long we choose to spend on each spot, and the activities we may opt for. Some of the activities will include water boarding, boating, fishing, camping, coastal driving…

Let’s see what else we will be up for!

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