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The Top 3 Most Popular Google “Apps”

Considering where and how Google started, it is remarkable that today, in 2016, the company’s valuation in February 2016th was higher than that of Apple’s.

Imagine that. For a small little search engine that no one had heard of to becoming the dominating search engine in the world, to owning some of the most popular apps around, it might be dangerous to think of Google as nothing more than a harmless company.

Look behind some of the up and coming technology, and guaranteed, Google is working on it or has its hands behind it. Let’s go ahead and discuss three really cool apps that people worldwide enjoy, thanks to Google:

#1. When it comes to signing up for an email account, you can not go wrong with Gmail. It is easy to use and known worldwide. In fact, while it is frowned upon to use personal emails for business purposes, Gmail emails are generally accepted with no apprehension. In fact, it is useless to create email accounts attached to services such as Xfinity (or Comcast). Whether you are using an iPhone or an Android, setting up your Gmail account is easy as pie! Of course, signing up for a Gmail account is a necessity to use the rest of the Google apps like the ones that are listed here.

#2. Blogspot/Blogger: Think of this as a blogging platform that started in the age of the dinosaurs (just joking!) It’s actually a cool blogging platform with a lot of versatility built into it. Also, search engine marketers give this platform a lot of weight for the benefit of rankings. The theory is that since Google owns this platform, it is beneficial to build links from Blogspot to the site an online marketer is trying to rank. No one knows a 100% until Google unveils this fact for themselves, but an easy experiment can be conducted for those who are curious!

#3. Youtube: Talk about a killer video based platform that Google acquired in 2006. Youtube was already a great success and a go to platform for uploading fun videos, musical performances, tv show snippets, and more. The huge benefit of using Youtube is you can easily share content across the web. You can embed the videos in posts, post them on Facebook, Tweet them on Twitter; whatever strikes your fancy. For technical purposes, you can also geo tag the videos, meaning define what region you are uploading from or want to tag them at. For SEO purposes, this would be extremely beneficial to local businesses, as they are trying to rank for the services they offer in their local area.


There are quite a few other handy apps that Google dominates the market for. Google Maps is one other map that a lot of my friends use and will not drive without. How about Google Adwords which millions of people use to advertise their businesses online? Google Play and Google Hangout are two more apps that Google has gained more visibility. Of course, this goes without saying, the giant search engine ITSELF is the best, free option most people use to look up or research topics.