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Taking A Weekend Out To Explore San Diego!

On a recent trip to San Diego (San Diego, Los Angeles, Temecula, and Palm Springs are all relatively close to each other), I thought it would be neat to hit up some “local” spots that I never do unless my friends are present. I wondered, “How would it feel to explore this majestic history with so much to do… but all by myself?”

Mind you, this was a good year ago. I am not the type to back down from a challenge or, really, anything so I loosely planned a whole weekend. I gave myself enough leeway that if I wanted to explore a hotspot, I would be able to squeeze that in or be open to skipping on another spot. Also, I did not alert my friends that I would be in town since I figured I would hit them up very last minute, if I really needed to. The idea was to explore the city on my own, after all.

Mission Bay

I started with a low key walk at Mission Bay. I chose the parking lot with the basketball hoops and since it was early on a Saturday morning, the scene was stunning. I swear Mission Bay is one of those spots in San Diego that looks like a live painting, if not a picture perfect post card. I took pictures of the water, the background, people enjoying themselves in their daily exercise routines and shooting hoops. I made sure to stay in the moment. After two hours there, a friend called me…

Apparently, she had seen me post a picture of Mission Bay and wanted to know if I was in the area. I didn’t want to lie to her so confessed that I was in the area. I also told her my purpose. She is a really good friend, so we decided to meet up in Gaslamp Quarters.

If you are not familiar with San Diego, The Gaslamp Quarter is a historic part of downtown San Diego. We grabbed a drink (it was 11:00 am!) and then headed to a casual pizza join known as Bronx Pizza, which I love very much.

A bit unexpected but loved catching up with her. On a crazy, once-in-a-lifetime decision, we decided to hit up Mexico! We decided to go with one of our Mexican friends since it was our first time going. However, while we waited for our friend, she hit up this one San Diego marijuana delivery dispensary and can I just say how impressed I was?!

What Happens In Mexico, Stays in Mexico?!

I won’t go into details about the Mexico trip but we were there until Sunday morning. On Sunday, I went to the La Jolla Cove, which literally translates to “The Jewel”. I took a leisurely stroll, took a few pictures, and took the scene in once again. Then I headed over to Hillcrest to catch a drink at one of the local spots there with my friends.

pacific beach san diego

While my intent didn’t get fulfilled, I did have quite the experience in Tijuana with the locals and everything was so cheap, compared to San Diego. In fact, I am thinking of spending a whole week split up between Tijuana and San Diego as I have tons of places to explore and people and experiences to take in. If there is one lesson I learned this weekend, it was to keep my mind open and to experience more of life… without making any assumptions!