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Palm Springs is known to be synonymous with electrifying nighttime activities, plenty of poolside get-togethers, and is a city that houses various hotel and resorts like the 7 Springs Inn & Suites. What many vacationers are not aware of is that the city is also home to venues that present art and sophisticated drinks. The Palm Springs Wine & Art Gallery is just such a place.

The Palm Springs Wine & Art Gallery combines three of the best types businesses, a wine shop, a wine tasting bar, and a fine art gallery. Seven days a week one can enter and enjoy wine tasting, plus snack on Tapas (small appetizers) that are made up of a variety of cheeses, fruits, crackers, and chocolates. One can find more than 70 small estate boutique wineries that come from all over the world, and from different parts of California. If you are a wine aficionado, you will truly be amazed once you enter the shop because all you will see is wine bottle after wine bottle, making the selection quite outstanding. The shop also sells special items like decanters, upscale cork screws, and a medley of wine glasses.

Not only will one get to taste savory wine but see impressive, contemporary and modern art works from talented artists. One will have the pleasure to see various paintings of acrylic and oil, sculptors made up of metal and stone, photographic art, mixed media and glassware that is hand-blown. Artists that have been featured are Ken Fisher, Jerry Hirschmann, David B. Campbell, Diana Van Hall, Tim Sukovaty, and Jacqueline A. Harris. The walls of the shop are sprinkled with art work making the experience even more special since a glass of wine goes so well with beautiful artwork.

The Palm Springs Wine & Art Gallery is just one of the places in Palm Springs that stands out. It is truly a unique and clever way where one can sip on succulent wine, have a great conversation, and be surrounded by some of the most awe-inspiring artwork in the Coachella Valley.


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