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We are the only facility in the Coachella Valley entirely in a Zen surrounding
Call Toll Free 800.381.0684


Yoga has been around for more than four thousand years and has been a practice that unites mind, body and soul through various body movements, stretching and breathing methods. Today, many cities in the United States have accepted Yoga as a form of exercise that has grown in popularity. Palm Springs is one of those cities and at Tadasana Studio one can get the whole experience.

The Tadasana Studio is 800 square feet and is next door to the Gold's Gym in Palm Springs. It's a very gorgeous studio with Zen surroundings, dark wooden floors, ambient lighting, and large mirrors. This health care facility is also the only one in the Coachella Valley that offers affordable childcare. One can take classes in various levels of Yoga, from beginner to advanced Vinyasa Flow, and the studio also holds classes in Pilates and Belly Dancing. Practicing yoga and Pilates can result in relief of back pain, improvement in circulation, increase flexibility and strength; it can aid in weight loss, build lean muscle, cure chronic pain, and rejuvenate the spirit.

For many, yoga and Pilates is a relatively new form of exercise that may look intimidating, but at the Tadasana Studio, instructors and yogis have the knowledge and experience to help you get started for a better and healthier body, mind, and spirit. Classes that are offered are Adept Yoga, Belly Dancing, Mat Pilates, Gentle Yoga, Harmony & Balance, Power Yoga, Harris Method, Yoga/Pilates Infusion, and Beginners Yoga. All classes guarantee to help improve ones health, strength, mobility, flexibility, and energy level. Besides experiencing challenging exercises, one will have a good time during the sessions because classes are fun and the teachers are the best in the Valley.

The Tadasana Studio is the perfect yoga and Pilates studio for people of all ages that want to improve their health and relax their souls. The next time you find yourself at the 7 Springs Inn & Suites and are thinking about working out, make sure you head over to the Tadasana Studio to treat your body well and relax your mind.


Study yoga at the Tadasana Studio

7 Springs Inn & Suites

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950 N. Indian Canyon Drive
Palm Springs CA, 92262

Local Phone: 760.320.9110

Call Toll Free 800.381.0684

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