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For the best Mexican dishes in Palm Springs dine at Las Casuelas Terraza
Call Toll Free 800.381.0684


Las Casuelas Terraza has a rich history of love being the motivating factor for creating authentic Mexican cuisine. Love that Maria Tagle and Florencio Delgado had for each other back in 1949 and ultimately the love this couple had for the chain of restaurants that would soon grow to what it is today; a place where one can get a taste of old fashion Mexico.

This restaurant presents the best Mexican dishes in Palm Springs and offers a location that can be romantic as well as charming with its stucco walls, various Mexican furnishings, wooden beamed ceilings, and unique characteristics that can be found in each room. Its menu is quite extensive giving one plenty of options to choose from. The combination plates are a favorite where a medley of various items can be joined, up to four different specialty items. On your combination plate pick a cheese enchilada, or a red beef chile burrito, then add a shredded beef taco, and a chille relleno – and you can't forget that this delicious plate is served with rice and a choice of four different style of beans. Only the finest tequilas and mescals are offered like Gran Patro Paltinum, Santo Domingo Albauadas, Cuervo 1800, and Don Julio 1942. Since new tequila is added each month, the margaritas are always going to be the drink of the night.

Not only can Las Casuelas Terraza be a place for a romantic dinner for two, it can serve large or small groups, from a family reunion, to a huge business outing. Private banquet facilities include rooms like the Maria that can hold up to 40 customers, the Ramada that can hold up to 70 people, or the Palapa, which is located outdoors and can accommodate up to 140 hungry guests. The friendly staff is always willing to assist by providing festive decorations, audio equipment, and can help seek entertainment for the occasion. Some music bands that typically perform at the restaurant are P.S. Sound Company - a contemporary jazz band, and Hot Rox - which performs contemporary, latin, top 40's and oldies music.

Las Casuelas Terraza provides more than just fine Mexican cuisine, it's a place where people go to experience delicious food, great entertainment, and the love that helped inspire this wonderful restaurant.


Come dine at Las Casuelas Terraza

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Palm Springs CA, 92262

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Call Toll Free 800.381.0684

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