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Desert Safari
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One typically associates the word "desert" with waterless land, miserable hot temperatures, and unforgivable living conditions. That statement may hold some truth, but the tour services that Desert Safari provides in Palm Springs will quickly change your view.

An unforgettable experience is what to be expected when participating in one of Desert Safari's hiking tours. Gorgeous scenery, awe-inspiring views and a new respect for the land are just a few of the things one will take away from the tour.

There are various tours to choose from, each designed depending on the level of fitness. For those hikers that would consider themselves at a high level of condition, the Adventure Hiking Expeditions are the way to go. There are more than 12 to choose from, all of which are unique and vary in distance and elevation. These hikes can last up to eight hours in length and are only recommended for hikers at a high level of fitness. No hiking experience is required but it's recommended to be in shape.

For a calmer more easy going experience, the Easy Tours & Moderate Hikes are ideal, but walking without difficulty and having a moderate health level are necessary. The Joshua Tree National Park Hiking Tour will introduce many to the park's beautiful land where its temperature are several degrees cooler and its amazing rock formations and distinctive Joshua trees are certainly unforgettable sights. The tour does include a stop at the Park Center where one could pick up a souvenir or a box lunch.

Desert Safari also offers excellent and affordable group tours and expeditions, all depending on the size and fitness level of the party. A long list consisting of popular organizations have partaken in the tours, such as Nike International, Time Warner Group, Ace Hardware, and many more. Desert Safari's popularity has also brought them on the Travel Channel and has appeared on various publications like The Desert Sun.


Desert Safari Palm Springs

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Call Toll Free 800.381.0684

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