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Desert Adventures
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Desert Adventures has become one of the most entertaining and exciting tours in Palm Springs and the surrounding areas. As the original jeep tour and outdoor adventure company in the region, it has grown to be a true leader in the eco-adventure industry.

1988 would be the year that Mary and Charlie Dungans came up with the idea of starting a jeep tour company because they believed that activities in the desert were missing a bit of excitement. Initially the tour consisted of three used vehicles only allowing nine tour seats. But within two years the customers kept coming back for more and the need to expand their fleet was very obvious. Today, Desert Adventure vehicles are made up of 16 custom-built Jeep Scramblers that are equipped with a variety of necessities like roll bars, seat belts, first aide kits, and radios. Up to 116 passengers can now be accommodated with the expansion of the fleet, and the vehicles can be operated with or without the canvas top. With all the new SUV's available, one would wonder why the tour company chose a classic vehicle like the Jeep Scrambler. The answer is an easy one and history explains it well since the vehicle was used to carry soldiers in and out of wars. Its functionality is unlike no other vehicle making it the obvious choice.

There are plenty of tours to choose from. The San Andreas Fault "Earthquake" Adventure is a favorite that travels along the rough terrain that was caused by the San Andreas Fault. Ground up rock will be in view and the landscape will be a sight to remember. The Twilight Adventure tour is one that shouldn't be ignored because it takes place at night. The adventure begins right before sunset so one will gradually see the shift from day to night, revealing shadows along the canyons of the San Andreas Fault and once the night has taken over, beautiful stars are left twinkling above making this tour a popular one among the clientele. There are more jeep-tours available as well as hiking eco-tours as well.

Although there is plenty to do in Palm Springs, Desert Adventure is the perfect opportunity where one can appreciate what lies outside the city - the desert land and its beauty.


Desert Adventures Palm Springs

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