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The Camelot Theatres
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The Camelot Theatres provides a great alternative to the usual activity the surrounds Palm Springs. Film buffs will surely love these theatres which feature most of Hollywood's top blockbuster hits.

Originally in 1967, the Camelot Theatres seated 625 patrons and for the following two decades, was one of Palm Springs major entertainment venues. In the early part of 1970, a second theater screen was added and throughout the 70's and the 80's, continued success only followed the theatres. Unfortunately for the arrival of the multiplex theatres in the early 1990's, the Camelot was forced to close its doors due to its diminishing numbers of customers and the high-cost of operating a 25-year old building.

It wasn't until 1999 that the theatres would be resurrected again, this time with all the fixings of up-to-date equipment like a new sound and projection system that would make the theatre more than just new, but high-tech. Films would be watched in an entirely new way that was unrivaled across the West Coast and throughout the Coachella Valley. As well as hosting yearly events, the Camelot is home to the Palm Springs International Film Festival and the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films & Film Markets. During the festivals, one will have the opportunity to see the best that independent films have to offer and a chance to witness early works of new and talented film makers, some who have won Academy Awards since showcasing their films.

The Camelot Theatres also features the Camelot Cafe and the Camelot Cinebar. At the Camelot Cafe a delicious menu includes numerous tasty dishes that consist of homemade soups & chili, sandwiches, wraps, salads and other specialty items. The Camelot Cinebar is a full service bar that provides a place where customers can enjoy a variety of drinks.

The Camelot Theatres are truly a jewel in the desert. They are a place where the best of motion pictures that feature an array of genres from comedies to thrillers, are offered to the viewing public and provide the city of Palm Springs and the surrounding areas a place where one can escape to.


The Camelot Theatres Palm Springs

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