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The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway
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As one of the most popular attractions in the Coachella Valley, the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is a fun way to travel to the top of Mt. San Jacinto from the desert floor. Passengers will find themselves in a unique experience since the temperature is vastly cooler at the top then it is at the bottom.

The dream for the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway began back in 1935 by an engineer named Francis F. Cocker. On a hot day when he was visiting Banning California, Francis looked up and noticed the snow covered peak of Mt. San Jacinto that measured 10,804 ft. high. The idea of going up to the top where it's cool came into the young engineers mind and with that thought; the idea of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway was realized. The construction of the Tramway would become an engineering marvel since the use of helicopters was used to erect four out of the five support towers - a job that consisted of 26 months of construction totally 23,000 missions without any setbacks.

The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway provides fantastic opportunities for fun activities. Hiking is one of them where numerous trails are available from the Tram's Mountain Station. Mt. San Jacinto Park offers more than 50 miles of hiking trails that are located throughout 14,000 acres of forest land. Camping and cross country skiing are other favorites among visitors but for the nature lovers, guided nature walks are conducted by the Mount San Jacinto State Park Volunteers. The Tramway also offers a special treat at the top of the mountain. Two restaurants offer delicious dishes for visitors that have built an appetite on the way up. The Peaks Restaurant serves contemporary Californian cuisine that consists of fresh ingredients from the vegetables to the bread. The Pine's Cafe is more of a casual dining experience, but as does the Peaks Restaurant, it offers gorgeous views that make the experience unlike no other.

Since the Palms Springs Aerial Tramway opened back in 1963, over 12 million passengers have been safely transported to the top of the mountains making the Tramway one of the most sought after attractions in the Palm Springs area.


Palms Springs Aerial Tramway

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