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Augua Caliente Clutural Museum
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It is said that through songs and the power of the creator, twin brothers Mukat and Temaywest were created. The brothers made the earth, tobacco, the sacred pipe, and the six directions. From the earth they used colored clay to mold white, black, yellow and red people. As the two brothers argued about whose creations were the best, the people they created started to leave. Mukat took the red people and kept them with himself and they became the Cahilla people.

With its collections and exhibitions, the Aqua Caliente Cultural Museum is an important institution that acts as a window and a bridge into the rich history and culture of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians and other Native cultures. Some of the past exhibitions included "If Baskets Could Talk…" an exploration of woven symbols and basketry materials. This exhibition brought to question, what would the baskets tell us about themselves, who created them, what they were used for and what do the designs mean. Another exhibition, "Crossroads & Intersections", gives an interesting insight of how various street names in the city of Palm Springs relate to, and reference to, the culture and past of the Cahuilla Indians.

Another important part of the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum is its research library. This wonderful learning facility is open to people of all ages and consists of a periodical collection, a reference section of the Cahuilla, a children's materials section, and a basic collection of materials of Native American subjects. The purpose of the library is for research as books and materials are not available for checkout. The museum also holds special events, two of which happen each year. In October, the museums premier fund raiser event, Dinner in the Canyons, is held in the beautiful Andreas Canyon where one will enjoy a three-course meal, a cocktail reception, a live auction, and entertainment. Each March the museum features the Palm Springs Native American Film Festival & Cultural Weekend, where one will see documentaries, features and short films, as well as attend opening and closing night receptions.

The Agua Caliente Cultural Museum is a fantastic opportunity where one can learn about the Cahilla Indians, their history, and how these people survived the changes throughout their way of life.


Agua Caliente Palm Springs

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