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A Vet Experience To Never Forget

I would like to share an experience with two vets I came across two years ago. It was a beautiful Saturday and I was actually playing basketball with my league friends. I play in a basketball league and we were one of the top two teams, duking out for the championship. Everything was going absolutely wonderful until I received an ominous text message from my roommate. She messaged me stating that my 13 year old cat was behaving oddly; he wasn’t responding to the typical calls, barely eating, and was laying in the hallways away from everyone, to the side. From previous experiences, I knew something was wrong. We both knew that he was sick or that, at least, something was wrong with him.


Let Me Rewind To The Weekend Prior…

The weekend earlier, I had been playing basketball with my friends, practicing in anticipation of the upcoming week’s championship league game. It was two days before my birthday, so I was feeling good. On my way home, I picked up some Indian food for myself and both my roommates. Once I got home, I started conversing with one of them. However, ten minutes into the conversation, I noticed my little cat dude had not come up to me. A sense of alarm went off and just as I was asking my roommate where my cat was, we were two cats getting into a fight outside.

Boy, my heart sank and I had a gut feeling that my 100% indoor cat… was somehow outside, in trouble, fighting with another cat.

Now I can joke about it:

feline well

We all ran outside to find neither cat. We came back inside and searched the apartment. Nada. We all split up outside to cover more ground and also left treats leading back to the apartment. Two hours into the search, exhausted, as we were coming back up for snacks, I saw a cat waiting at the steps…

Lo & behold! It was my little cat!

I held him for fifteen minutes and we fed him and gave him water. While he would appear to be okay for the next week, on and off, he would sit away from everyone. Sitting away from everyone is very unlike the little dude.

Back to the day of the championship. It was a Saturday and I knew going to the vets in Escondido CA, or any city really, would be expensive. I called one who wanted to charge $100 just for bringing him in and only higher from there. The other vet I found told me she would look him over first.

Not having an option, I brought him in. It turned out that my cat had a temperate because he had a cyst, resulting from the fight with the stray. The cyst was infected and needed to be cleaned, drained, etc.

At first, I was told to be ready for anywhere from a $350-$500 charge, which I couldn’t afford. I pretty much told them I only had $275 and that would be after borrowing from my sister.

Guess what? They took care of my cat! They kept him for a couple of hours, drained the cyst and all of stuff. The only horrible thing was that they should have warned me of the open hole in his back. Errr!

I ended up purchasing some unsticky bandages and wrapping it around his back. He itched and would roll around to relieve himself of it but if he wasn’t the cutest thing you ever saw, feel free to call me a liar.

That vet was not only kind but I appreciate that she took awesome care of him. I would definitely go back to her with any issues that may arise in the future with my cat. We didn’t end up winning the championship game but I am glad my little man healed up well soon after!

California Love… Scratch That: California Dentist Love!

Please keep in mind that this was around two months ago or so: I was vacationing in Palm Springs (hello, hello!) along with a handful of my friends. If we don’t end up here, we usually all chip in and rent a house for three or four days. We all work hard and we usually only do something like this on a birthday event or like Labor Day weekend. The latter is much more expensive though compared to a regular weekend when the rates aren’t too spiked… sigh!

fun in the sun

It Was All Going Terrific!

The weather was amazing: a bit too hot where it made sense to tan up for 10 minutes in the sun (Note: please always use sunscreen! Your skin deserves to tan, not burn!) and then jump into the pool. Gosh, it would hurt and feel good all at the same time. We brought Sammy, my friend’s husky with us. He’s gorgeous. I love dogs, by the way <3 Of course, when you are in Palm Springs with a house full of guests, what else do you do? Drink, of course! Everyone had pitched in so we had a nice selection of Jameson, vodka, some soda, snacks, and carbs, just in case someone needed food immediately or got sick drinking a little too... "enthusiastically" (haha!) Around 7 p.m., we decided to go hit up a fancy steak house about fifteen minutes away. Of course since we had been drinking, we thought better than to drive and called a Lyft. Sweet! Everything went well. More drinks were ordered, fish and steak and potatoes and asparagus: everything so delicious.

And then, the night took a hideous turn. Actually, I take that back. I will explain in a moment. I ordered a fudge brownie sundae honestly… “to die for” is the only way to describe it. It had almonds in the brownie. During one of the bites I took, I felt something crunch a bit too much… something just seemed “off”, not necessarily painful.

It wouldn’t be until I returned home, two whole days later, that I figured out what happened. I have had dental work done on one of my teeth in the back right; a crown to be specific. I suppose when I bit down on the almond, something went wrong and the crown got cracked or broken or what not.

It wouldn’t be until I went to one of the top dentists in Escondido CA, my second home, that this news was delivered to me.

In fact, my dentist there is excellent! Instead of making fun of me, I was taken care of with care and in a sensitive manner. I have been going to the same dentist for three years and am quite happy there. They listen to my input. They know how fearful I am of dental visits and go out of their way to make me feel comfortable and when it comes to emergencies such as the one I just got done describing, they get me in as soon as possible.

Anyway, that trip is quite a memorable one as my friends tease me about me not realizing I pretty much lost a tooth… until two days later 🙂

The Top 3 Most Popular Google “Apps”

Considering where and how Google started, it is remarkable that today, in 2016, the company’s valuation in February 2016th was higher than that of Apple’s.

Imagine that. For a small little search engine that no one had heard of to becoming the dominating search engine in the world, to owning some of the most popular apps around, it might be dangerous to think of Google as nothing more than a harmless company.

Look behind some of the up and coming technology, and guaranteed, Google is working on it or has its hands behind it. Let’s go ahead and discuss three really cool apps that people worldwide enjoy, thanks to Google:

#1. When it comes to signing up for an email account, you can not go wrong with Gmail. It is easy to use and known worldwide. In fact, while it is frowned upon to use personal emails for business purposes, Gmail emails are generally accepted with no apprehension. In fact, it is useless to create email accounts attached to services such as Xfinity (or Comcast). Whether you are using an iPhone or an Android, setting up your Gmail account is easy as pie! Of course, signing up for a Gmail account is a necessity to use the rest of the Google apps like the ones that are listed here.

#2. Blogspot/Blogger: Think of this as a blogging platform that started in the age of the dinosaurs (just joking!) It’s actually a cool blogging platform with a lot of versatility built into it. Also, search engine marketers give this platform a lot of weight for the benefit of rankings. The theory is that since Google owns this platform, it is beneficial to build links from Blogspot to the site an online marketer is trying to rank. No one knows a 100% until Google unveils this fact for themselves, but an easy experiment can be conducted for those who are curious!

#3. Youtube: Talk about a killer video based platform that Google acquired in 2006. Youtube was already a great success and a go to platform for uploading fun videos, musical performances, tv show snippets, and more. The huge benefit of using Youtube is you can easily share content across the web. You can embed the videos in posts, post them on Facebook, Tweet them on Twitter; whatever strikes your fancy. For technical purposes, you can also geo tag the videos, meaning define what region you are uploading from or want to tag them at. For SEO purposes, this would be extremely beneficial to local businesses, as they are trying to rank for the services they offer in their local area.


There are quite a few other handy apps that Google dominates the market for. Google Maps is one other map that a lot of my friends use and will not drive without. How about Google Adwords which millions of people use to advertise their businesses online? Google Play and Google Hangout are two more apps that Google has gained more visibility. Of course, this goes without saying, the giant search engine ITSELF is the best, free option most people use to look up or research topics.

Palm Springs Hotel – 7 Springs Inn & Suites

Welcome to the Palm Springs Hotel – 7 Springs Inn & Suites

“This Palm Springs Hotel is the hottest place to stay in California!”


Impeccable service and modern day luxuries are yours when you stay at the 7 Springs Inn and Suites. Resurrected in a Mid-Century Modern inspired aesthetic, upon your arrival you will be welcomed to your Palm Springs home away from home by one of our courteous staff.

Just beyond the expansive glass wall in the lobby you will be beckoned poolside before you have even made it to your room. Soft breezes, tropical landscape and a uniquely designed modern water feature will all make you feel as though you have finally arrived to your tropical desert paradise that is the 7 Springs Inn & Suites. Take a look at our virtual tours and see for yourself what sets us apart from other Palm Springs hotels.

Guestrooms, Suites & Town Houses
We’re not just all about aesthetics. Once you have settled into your room, you will realize that ‘convenience’ is the word of the day. Each room is replete with: wireless internet, CD/DVD players, a refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker. Several of our rooms are outfitted with modern, European style kitchens where marble floors and granite counters are standard.

When it is finally time to call it a night you will realize that each of our rooms is appointed with 450 thread-count linens with down comforters and pillows that will carry you off to a restful slumber.

Our Palm Springs hotel has rooms to offer every traveler. Deluxe rooms include one or two comfy queen beds, or one large king bed either with shower or shower-tub combo.

Our hotel suites come with queen or king size beds with the option of a shower or tub. Each suite additionally includes a full kitchen.

The 7 Springs Inn & Suites is the ideal Palm Springs vacation rental if you’re traveling with 4 to 8 companions. Our luxury townhouses are equipped with a full kitchen, 3 beds and 2 full bathrooms.

Nearby Activities & Attractions
Staying at the 7 Springs Inn & Suites offers you the luxury of being close to all the popular Palm Springs activities and attractions without dealing with the hassles of the city. Our Palm Springs hotel is located within walking distance to downtown Palm Springs where you can enjoy extravagant shopping and dining. Only five miles away is the entrance to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, were you can see breathtaking views of the San Jacinto Mountains and Palm Springs Desert.

Choose the 7 Springs Inn & Suites
Whether you’re looking for hotel suites, deluxe rooms or luxury townhouses; our Palm Springs boutique resort can accommodate all of your travel needs with great discount rates and legendary service all year long. Give us a call and see how much you can save on a Palm Springs hotel room. A magnificent Palm Springs vacation awaits you at the 7 Springs Inn & Suites!


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