Getting Over Your Fears By Doing Your Favorite Activities

It’s funny how once I… made up my mind to tackle my fears head on, how my life has changed. Let’s take a very specific example. When I was young, say, around me teens, I developed a healthy fear of water (ocean and pools) as I almost drowned in the ocean a couple of times (they floor gave way without me realizing it). Of course, if you take a look at some of these amazing San Diego beaches and bays, your fears may be temporarily calmed!

For a fourteen year old kid, nothing is more terrifying than her lungs filling up with harsh, salt water, and not being able to catch breath.

This unhealthy fear followed me the next few year as I watched my friends and family have fun poolside while I pretended to enjoy barbecuing. I’d flip through my favorite Surfer Magazine and enjoy the pictures but… have comforting thoughts such as, “hope that great white didn’t eat the crap out of him/her!”

False comforts, those are called!!!

What Changed?

One day, a few of my college friends decided to rent out boats and canoes lakeside. These include inflatable floating devices. As scared as I was, I decided to flip more than burgers: I took a fun, little dip with my friends. We ate, we laughed, we swam!

I joined them on an inflatable boat thingy and I loved it!!! Right then and there, my best friend (a Southern California beaut!) told me to check out kayak reviews. I found so many cool items like tandem kayaks and canoes that I could split with my buddies. In fact, I got the slightly more expensive two person (or well, tandem) kayak and now I’m tempted by this hard-shelled beauty (even though I have no storage options):

heritage two seater

Now, when I come out to Palm Springs, on the way back home, I make a stop at my friend’s house where I stay for a couple of nights. We both merge together our water toys (my inflatable one, their jetski, and a canoe) and we fish, play, laugh, whatever!

If you are not careful, you can let your fears overrule the joys you’d otherwise experience in life. For all the ebb we experience, we also need to push for the flow. If you’re afraid of something, conquer it. If you can’t do it alone, find friends and family who will! That is the secret to anything terrifying in life and as you get older, life doesn’t seem to get easier.

My advice? Get over your fears the best way possible: with your friends who love you, doing the things you love, with an open mind and an open heart 🙂 Grab your favorite toys and conquer your life!

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